Mailbox Roundup: Week 1

Hello everyone!  New feature here on Book Obsessed Shan in San Fran (aka: B.O.S.SF)!  Woo hoo!  I love reading what other bloggers have received to review and how they received them.  I’d love to hear if anyone has read any of these!

This Is W.A.R.

This is W.A.R. by Lisa Roecker via Edelweiss (Soho Press)

So this was the first week that I’ve gotten the lovely emails from Edelweiss granting me access to their books!  For me, that is a big deal, especially when they are books that I canNOT wait to dive into!

fault line

Fault Line by  Christa Desir via Edelweiss (Simon Pulse)

I have a feeling this will have some of the New Adult formula involved… but am still reading the NA genre a lot recently.


A Curious Invitation: The Forty Greatest Parties in Fiction by Suzette Field via Edelweiss (Harper Perennial)

In any book that I read, I like to pour over and compare the following parts…. the sexytime scenes (whether it’s in the banter phase, dating phase, makeout phase, or the doing the deed phase….), the action scenes, and the parties!  I love the idea of a book to highlight the greatest fictional parties, of all time.  I wonder how many I’ve read!  This books makes me even more excited for The Great Gatsby to hit the big screen!


Scrap by Emory Sharplin via NetGalley (Greenleaf Book Group)

Great preliminary reviews coming in!  I like the cover, too.

white trash beautiful

White Trash Beautiful  by Teresa Mummert via NetGalley (Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books)

So… at first the name threw me off, because an ex-BF of mine loved a song called White Trash Beautiful.  I started seeing buzz about the book, and that was enough to twist my arm!  Anyway, can’t wait to read!

The Shadow

The Shadow (The Darkness Trilogy #1) by A.G. Porter via the author (Thanks, Amanda!)

Sounds like this book is right up my alley with the paranormal love story thing goin’ on 🙂


Tear (Seaside #1) and Pull (Seaside #2) by Rachel Van Dyken via Goodreads Read4Review

Ahh, I knew I had to read these when I read that they take place in Seaside, Oregon! My family is originally from Oregon, and I’ve been to Seaside several times!  Great initial reviews – I can’t wait to read these very soon!


Oh man, and the items that I’ve bought???  I literally went on a $1.99 (or less) shopping spree….

what my mother doest know

What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones via Kindle Daily YA Deal 4/14


Vain (The Seven Deadly #1) by Fisher Amelie via Kindle $.99 sale


Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson  (Danielle tipped me off…. thanks!)

wide awake by shelly crane

Wide Awake by Shelly Crane… just another $.99 sale.

So, basically, I’ll be busy!


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